Selling with EQT Yard

Get Easy & Fast Cash from selling your used
Construction Equipment, Spare Parts and Building Materials

It only takes 5 minutes! 

Why Sell on EQT Yard?

Surplus Stock? Make Fast Cash Not Scrap

Idle equipment, idle parts and surplus materials in storage tend to depreciate and rust or be obsolete over time... only to be turned into scrap. This could be due to lack of local demand. EQT Yard is designed to match your surplus stock with interested buyers worldwide. We will protect your identity when marketing your surplus stock. So sell your excess stock with us for fast cash today!

Just list to gather Leads and increase Sales

List and trade your construction equipment , spare parts and building materials to a global audience. Entering a new market and acquiring new customers tend to be high in costs and require large resources. With EQT Yard, you can do so for free with no risks. Our commission is only charged when your product is sold. No sale, no fees. We only earn when you earn.

Easy Financing for buyers

Easy to Buy = Easy to Sell. Easy and quick access to financing means another reason for buyers to buy. Buyers need only fill up a single form for financing to receive multiple quotes.

Bid for Tenders

Bid for tenders or offer your proposals and quotes. Our Customer Users regularly post their tenders, RFP and RFx for construction equipment, spare parts and building materials. Check the Tenders Board for regular updates of what customers are looking to buy. Past tenders include used cranes, generators, compressors and material handling equipment,.


Be assured as customers are required to provide payment at the point of sale and contractually bound upon placing their orders. Confidently deal with new customers.

A global network of buyers

Improve brand recognition and build relationships with potential buyers from all over the world so they know who to look for when they are looking to make a purchase. What may no longer be required in your local market may be high in demand in overseas markets. You provide the supply, we provide the demand.

Hassle-Free Delivery for buyers

Convenient and hassle-free delivery options means one more reason for buyers to make the purchase. Buyers need only fill up a single form for delivery to receive multiple quotes.

Gain insights and data

Better understand the market through your Dashboard where you can view sales reports, reviews and more. No need for troublesome paperwork when you can view the documents digitally! Get insights on how to better sell construction equipment, spare parts and building materials from our in house consultant who has decades of experience in the construction industry and in trading construction equipment.

How List & Trade works

See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Step 1

Post your Product photos, price and description. OR Bid on a Tender posted by a Customer. Customer selects your product/bid and checks out.

Step 2

The Customer will make payment into a designated secure EQT Yard account. Once received, EQT Yard will provide confirmation to you.

Step 3

The Customer will arrange for pick up of the order. The Customer shall be responsible for dismantling and loading but you may charge a fee for assisting.

Step 4

The secure escrow account will release payment to you after the Buyer picks up the order or after the Pick up Period.

Meet the rising demand of the Asia-Pacific Construction Market

An industry report has predicted that despite COVID-19,  Asia-Pacific’s Construction Market Value will experience an astounding 5.8% growth rate for 2021

  • Seize the chance to grow and increase market share : Gear up to meet the predicted surge in demand.
  • We make it easier for customers to buy : Showcase your products and improve market share while we provide services like Easy Financing and Hassle-Free Delivery to ensure convenience and efficiency for the customer.
  • Increase brand recognition and connect with potential buyers : Stay relevant in this digital era.

Grow with EQT Yard

EQT Yard’s mission is to optimize procurement, as such we are committed to helping sellers of heavy equipment and building materials sell more efficiently. Our user-friendly marketplace provides assurance to both buyers and sellers to confidently deal with each other so sellers can reach a larger market.  

Our Easy Financing and Hassle-Free Delivery are designed to encourage customers to make purchases. As a seller/vendor on EQT Yard, we hope that these tools will assist you in increasing market share by improving sales conversion. 

- Your partners at EQT Yard