Leading construction firms are replacing diesel generators with the Enertainer, world’s first energy storage system for construction sites to reduce carbon, noise and air pollution emission.


The Enertainer (click to view full technical specifications) is the world’s first energy storage system designed specifically for heavy duty use at construction sites. The Enertainer was first introduced in Hong Kong in Oct 2019. Since then, Ampd Energy has sold over 40 Enertainers to over 40 project sites. This product has received strong and positive reviews from leading construction companies such as ChinachemGammon and Paul Y. The Enertainer was also featured in major news outlets such as Apple DailyBloomberg, Sino.

Unlike a diesel generator, the Enertainer:

1)      eliminates the need for diesel,thereby lowering running cost of more than 75%

2)      reduces carbon emission of around 85% with zero direct diesel fumes pollution

3)      can operate 24/7 with no downtime maintenance nor manpower need to refuel

4)      is 30x quieter than any diesel generator in the market

5)      is a cloud-connection system where you can access energy consumption data 24/7 to gain analytics and improve on construction’s productivity

While the Enertainer is a new technology, the cost of adopting this technology has been proven to not only be sustainable but even lower than the current diesel generators’ set up. As Singapore begins to put in strong effort to greenify the country, it is only a matter of time before diesel generators are regulated. In fact, the Government has already announced a ban on new diesel vehicles from 2025. Eventually, the Enertainer will become the only alternative to power up construction sites.

To learn more about the benefits of the Enertainer (such as reducing air pollution and carbon and noise emissions on-site), contact Ampd Energy’s Singapore Business Development Lead Mr Jack Chong at jack@ampd.energy or +65 9652 0368.

This article is bought to you by Ampd Energy.


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