Easy Financing

Take on bigger projects and build bigger, better and faster with EQT Yard’s Easy Financing.  Skip the hassle of researching loan rates, reaching out to multiple representatives and filling many long multiple application forms. 

Just fill out ONE application and let the lenders come to you. 

Easy Financing in 4 steps

Step 1

Fill up an application form (that's right, just one!) for financing.

Step 2

Wait 3 business days as we send your application to our network of lenders.

Step 3

Receive all your offers and pick the best one.

Step 4

Send the acceptance form back to your chosen lender and complete your financing application.

Asia Pacific's appetite for Growth

An industry report has predicted that despite COVID-19,  Asia-Pacific’s Construction Market Value will experience an astounding 5.8% growth rate for 2021. 

Together, Let's Build Better

EQT Yard’s Easy Financing is designed to make applications for financing simple and convenient so that even small firms with limited manpower are able to apply to multiple lenders for the most competitive rates. 

We want to help build construction businesses, big or small. 
To do that, they must be able to take on jobs, big or small. 

- Your partners at EQT Yard