Buy with Confidence

Procurement made easy, convenient and secure

It’s free and only takes 4 minutes! 

How it works

Step 1

Select a product and purchase. An invoice for your order will then be generated.

Step 2

Make payment into a designated secure EQT Yard account.

Need Financing? Check out Easy Financing. 1 application, multiple offers.

Step 3

If you require transport for your order, use Hassle-Free Delivery by requesting a quote from our network of transport providers. Choose the best offer and make payment to commence pick up.

Learn more about Hassle-Free Delivery.

Step 4

After seller has provided proof that the your order has been collected or the collection period has passed, payment is made to the seller.

Step 4

Receive your order at the designated location from your transport provider.


Assurance and Security

Sellers only receive payment after release of the goods so you can be assured. Buy with confidence from new sellers or brands.

Easy Financing

Easy and quick access to financing. Buyers need only fill up a single form for financing to receive multiple quotes.

Competitive transport rates

Fill up one form and receive multiple quotes. No need to research rates, compare them side by side.

Competitive Pricing

Buy from a large range of suppliers. Compare prices side by side to get the best deal. Reap the benefits of getting the lowest price possible as sellers compete to win your business.

Expand your network

Connect with other construction related businesses in the region in our community and expand your network.

Support and Service

We will be with you throughout the transaction process to answer any questions or provide support.

Go Digital

Review your orders and deliveries through your Dashboard. Budgeting has never been easier. No more pesky paperwork, just pure digital information at your fingertips.

Grow your business

EQT Yard streamlines the procurement process so your business can focus on other areas to grow.

Gear up to take on bigger and more jobs as Asia-Pacific grow

An industry report has predicted that despite COVID-19,  Asia-Pacific’s Construction Market Value will experience an astounding 5.8% growth rate for 2021

  • Seize the chance to grow and increase market share : Gear up to meet the predicted surge in demand. 
  • Take on bigger and more jobs : With better heavy equipment and more building materials.
  • No capital? No problem : EQT Yard’s Easy Financing is there to ensure that capital is not a barrier to growing your business. 

Here, we build Businesses

EQT Yard’s mission is to optimize procurement. Our user-friendly marketplace allows provides assurance to users so they can confidently buy from sellers as sellers are only paid after release of goods. 

We want to help build construction businesses, big or small. 
To do that, they must be able to take on jobs, big or small. 

Our Easy Financing and Hassle-Free Delivery are designed to help companies of all sizes to improve efficiency, save time and reduce paperwork while still allowing businesses to achieve competitive rates for both financing and transport.

- Your partners at EQT Yard