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New Customers

EQT Yard's Buyers and Sellers will come from all parts of Asia. Seize this opportunity to gain access to new customers based in the region and to promote your business.

Easy and Convenient

All you need to do is to provide quotations for your services and wait to be selected. Keep track of customers' details digitally through EQT Yard.

Improve your delivery process

With feedback and reviews, it will be easier than ever to make improvements to your operations.

Gain a competitive edge

With EQT Yard, you will gain another channel for sales and as we know, the more the merrier. Keep competitive with a greater market share.

How it works

Before or after check out, Customers have the choice to select from EQT Yard’s list of registered transport providers. The order details (pick up and destination location, type of product, dimensions etc) will then be provided to the transport providers. 

Transport Providers provide a quote based on the details of the order.  You must provide this quote within 2 business days of receiving the order. 

If the Customer accepts your quote, congratulations! Customer will be required to make payment. You may then commence pick up and delivery. 

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