About Us

EQT Yard's mission is to Maximize Efficiency, Optimize Procurement and Connect the Construction Industry

So businesses can construct and build bigger, better and more sustainably 

A Quick Summary

EQT Yard was founded in Singapore, in the year 2020. EQT Yard is a secure end-to-end online marketplace platform for construction assets like used heavy equipment, spare parts and building materials. We are, first and foremost, solution providers supported by decades of experience in the construction industry and in heavy equipment trading. As with many start-ups, we dream of making a positive difference in the world. In our case, we are on a mission to Maximize Efficiency, Optimize Procurement and Connect the Construction Industry so businesses can construct and build bigger, better and more sustainably.

The Problem

Business practices in the engineering and construction industry have always been traditionally physical. A 2019 McKinsey article referred to the engineering and construction sector as one of the least digitized sectors in the world, second only to the agriculture and hunting sector.  Research by McKinsey showed that companies that embrace digital solutions were able to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs. In the highly competitive engineering and construction industry notorious for slimming profit margins, such improvements gave these adaptable companies a huge advantage. Yet, despite the benefits, digital solutions are still very under-utilized by most businesses in the construction industry. 

The Solution

EQT Yard’s innovative digital platform improves cash flow and efficiency by allowing businesses to list and trade their assets and products , sell surplus stock , call for tenders or bid on tenders and access Easy Financing and Hassle-Free Delivery services all online. On top of that, we streamlined the procurement process to preserve the simplicity of an online shopping experience so our users can navigate and use these services easily. Procurement need not be complex, fragmented or time consuming. In this digital age, it is clear that the leaders of the construction industry are maintaining their competitive edge by being early adopters of technology. Here at EQT Yard, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes adapt and grow.

EQT Yard aims to empower businesses like yours with efficient digital solutions to improve productivity and liquidity.

Providing Assurance

We provide assurance for every transaction so businesses can confidently deal.

Build Better, Bigger and more Efficiently

Every role in the procurement process has a part to play, what is your role? 


Looking to sell heavy equipment or building materials?


Looking to purchase heavy equipment and/or building materials ? 


Are you a leasing or financing company? 


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